Why We’re The Pros

DLS is a multi faceted workforce with skillsets across all technologies. Our clients gain the benefit of problem solving via a team of highly skilled developers who help each other think outside of the box, and we apply the same rigorous development and quality assurance process to all of our projects, including open source solutions like Magento.

  • True requirements gathering: we start from the business down, not the technology up.
  • Modifications are always done according to Magento best practices: your upgrade process will be a breeze
  • We value partnerships: We want to grow with the businesses that partner with us. We don’t turn away the small guy just because he’s small
  • Rescue missions: we understand that when entering the market, you want to keep costs low and may have created some technical debt in doing so. It’s ok – we’ll help straighten it out and get your solution scalable again using our robust code audit and performance benchmarking process
  • Change management: implementing new solutions can be a shock to internal operations. We’ll help you form the communications and training plans so the transition is smooth for everyone
  • Risk Mitigation: No project is without risks. We help get them out on the table *before* they are an issue and put together alternative paths in case the risk comes into play
  • Code Repository Management: our development cycle is standardized and efficient. We keep your code safe and secure and ensure that nothing enters your production environment that isn’t ready to be there
  • Host management: don’t have a host or are unhappy with your current provider? We have a number of preferred hosts that specialize in Magento. The only thing better than one set of pros working on your solution is two teams of pros working together on it.

Experience is The Key

We didn’t become pros overnight. Our depth of knowledge is a result of both intense training and more importantly – actually doing it. While we pride ourselves in having expertise in all areas of Magento, we at DLS have some unique experience that differentiates us from the rest.

  • Data conversions and systems conversions: many legacy solutions were custom-built, and frequently in technologies different from Magento, making data transformation a headache. DLS is your aspirin: we have years of experience in converting systems across technologies, utilizing our expansive skillsets.
  • Have multiple systems that need to talk to eachother?: Ongoing data synchronization with external systems, even inventory spreadsheets is one of our specialties.
  • Inventory management: we’ll help you get your inventory under control and keep it under control utilizing our custom modules.
  • Shipping and fulfillment for the new and growing e-commerce company: unexpected shipping costs are the #1 cause of abandoned carts. We’ve helped nearly all of our online shops hone in on their shipping strategy and make sure that the strategy is executed via our custom shipping modules.
  • Do you sell on Amazon, Ebay, or another 3rd party channel?: DLS has built custom integrations with all the big hitters and we can do it for you, without charging you a hefty subscription.