Whether you’re looking for a simple Magento e-commerce shop or have very complex custom needs, we have a team of dedicated Magento software engineers that will produce results.
  • Front-End Development
  • Back –End Development
  • Extension Customization
  • New Extension Development
  • Data Migration
  • External System Integration


We can assist with every design need for your Magento site. From Magento specific design needs like theme customization or custom theme design to logo design and image editing.
  • Theme Customization
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Responsive Design Implemenation
  • Logo/Branding Design
  • Graphic Editing
  • Product Photography (Through Partner)


After your site is live, we can offer a variety of support options to provide you with the ongoing support, maintenance, training, and feature additions that you need.  Our support retainer option is the best value, providing you with lower costs, a fixed budget, and ongoing monitoring for your site.
  • Content Assistance
  • Configuration Assistance
  • Browser Compatibility Fixes
  • Error Monitoring
  • Security Patches
  • Training


Taking into account your scaling, resource, and reliability needs, we can launch your site with the right hosting solution for your budget.
  • Managed AWS Hosting (Through Partner)
  • Dedicated Server Hosting (Through Partner)


We’ve got decades of experience in e-commerce.  Everything from checkout strategies, fulfillment process, payments, shipping, taxes – we can help you build a strategy and an online store that’s successful.
  • E-commerce Consulting
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Business Analysis